Neighbours spoilers: Actress Jackie Woodburne reveals Susan turns ‘vicious’ after learning Izzy wants Karl’s baby


Neighbours spoilers: Jackie Woodburne reveals Susan turns 'vicious' over Izzy storyline
Susan turns dark over Izzy storyline (Picture: Channel 5)

Jackie Woodburne has revealed there are dark times ahead for Susan Kennedy.

Her worst nightmare Izzy Hoyland has returned to the street and is already terrorising the school principle over her marriage.

Izzy returned with a secret and this week it becomes clearer as to exactly why she’s back – she wants Karl to father her second baby.

It’s been ten years since Izzy ruined Karl and Susan’s marriage, but it seems she’s ready to do it all again to get what she wants and expand her family, using Karl’s sperm.

Unsurprisingly, this triggers something in Susan. Is she about to lose her husband again?! She is not about to happen, especially as they’ve already divorced several times. But Karl becomes frustrated with his wife and her suspicions and their marriage is massively at risk.

Speaking exclusively to, actress Jackie Woodburne revealed things are about to get dark for the matriarch of the soap.

Neighbours spoilers: Jackie Woodburne reveals Susan turns 'vicious' over Izzy storyline
Offset it’s all smiles but on set Susan is dying inside (Picture: Channel 5)

Susan’s marriage is in trouble! She going to split from Karl after everything?

It absolutely puts the marriage on the edge of distraction. Everything that happened in the past, comes to the present and puts everything in jeopardy.

Is Karl likely to stray with Izzy’s temptations? How does Susan feel about everything?

It’s always a possibility. I don’t think he’s tempted what she can offer him physically. More what she can offer him for his ego and legacy

She feels betrayed. Izzy’s proposition is so outrageous that Susan dismisses immediately. She’s distressed and disturbed that he’s considering it.

What is Izzy’s ulterior motive?

Well she’s hoping that by having another child she’ll somehow stamp out sins of the past. She’s looking for redemption.

Was Izzy’s entrance (where Susan hit her with the car) fun to film?

Anytime Susan gets to run over someone it’s always fun. She’s done it a fair few times!

What has it been like having Natalie Bassingthwaite back? She said you’d all remained close!

Yes we have. We see each other from time to time. Nat brings such an energy – she’s so professional, she’s a pleasure to have around. She’s bringing so much that you want to bring your best game.

What was it like working on this storyline?

Terrific – the opportunity to play Susan who is much darker and vicious which we don’t get to see very often. Izzy is the only character that Susan is horrible to. She bring out the worst in Susan.

Further down the line we learn Izzy wants karl to father a baby and he considers it! What will that mean for Karl and Susan?

Susan is completely shocked that Karl is even considering it and feels betrayed.

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