Microsoft’s Windows 11 blue screen of death to become black


Microsoft’s so-called blue screen of death (BSoD) will turn black in the new Windows 11 operating system, according to those with access to a preview of the software.

The screen appears when users have a problem on their computer, often prompting a restart.

A black background will replace blue, matching the logon and shutdown screens in the new system, the Verge reported.

The BBC has contacted Microsoft for comment.

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The BSoD allows IT professionals to diagnose hardware and memory issues.

It usually includes information and data that can help to analyse what problem caused the screen to appear.

In 2016, a QR code was added to it which users can scan to find out more information about the fault.

Windows 8 also added an unhappy face to the screen in 2012.

Photos of the new screen suggest both the QR code and 🙁 symbol will remain on the black version.

Windows 11

Windows 11 was launched last month and will be available as a free update to existing Windows 10 users – although some devices are unable to run the new system, which requires a minimum of 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Microsoft will wind down Windows 10 in 2025.

Another visual change is that the start button has been moved to the bottom centre of the screen from the bottom left.

Developers who are part of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program – which gives them access to an early version of Windows 11 – revealed the black screen of death on social media.

Members of the program have also reported other issues, including installing the new system and using the start menu, according to Bleeping Computer.

Windows 11 will be available more widely later this year, but Microsoft has not given an exact date.

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