How Brie and Nikki Bella “Let Loose” While Celebrating Their Birthdays


The Bella Twins’ latest birthday celebration was one for the books!

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella turned 37 on Saturday, Nov. 21, and as the former WWE stars revealed on the newest episode of The Bellas Podcast, they used their first birthdays as new moms—Brie welcomed her second child on Aug. 1, and Nikki, her first on July 31—to finally “let loose.”

“I haven’t had that much to drink in…a year and a half? I don’t know, a long, long time,” Nikki, engaged to Artem Chigvintsev, recalled. “Brie set up such a fun birthday celebration. It was with some super dear close friends and family members and we did a private tasting on this gorgeous mountain. I mean, you could literally see San Francisco from afar. It was amazing.”

Total Bellas fans may recall that the twin sisters recently moved to Napa Valley, so it only makes sense it was there that they “drank every flavor of the wine rainbow” as Nikki put it. “We did champagne, rosé, chardonnay zinfandel, cabernet, pinot noir, malbec, sauvignon blanc…I mean we did it all.”

In a way, according to Brie, the sisters were celebrating more than just their birthdays. “It’s weird because obviously Nicole and I were pregnant forever and during the pandemic, like, everyone was drinking but we weren’t because we were pregnant,” she began. “And then, even when you have newborns, you still don’t go out, you don’t do anything. And it’s not like there’s been anywhere to go out.”

Added the mom to 3-year-old Birdie and nearly 4-month-old Buddy, “So it was kind of our first time to just celebrate, let loose and almost give yourself permission to, like, get smashed.”

The combination of their moms’ day out and having breakfast with their kids made for a “beautiful” birthday, Nikki said. Unfortunately, both Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) and Artem were out of town for work, but that didn’t stop them from making the Bellas feel special on their birthdays.

“Bryan hid my gift so I wouldn’t see it before the 21st,” Brie shared. “He wrote me this beautiful card—which, I have to tell you guys, Bryan has always been just amazing at writing really sentimental cards—so he goes, ‘I just really miss you’ and just mushy stuff in the beginning.”

Then, according to Brie, Bryan recommended that she start her morning by enjoying a nice cup of coffee with one of her gifts, a special mug (which she collects!). She continued recounting Bryan’s detailed gift, “Then, two, to write down your dreams and always remember them and go for them. And he had this really cute journal. And then three, something to remind you how special you are. And then he got me this gorgeous necklace.”

As she raved, “He nailed it.”

As for Nikki, she revealed on the podcast that she was a little jealous of Brie that day. “I’ll admit, like, at first—not that I was bummed—but Brie had all this stuff in the morning from Bryan,” she said. “And I was like, ‘Oh, Artem forgot. That’s okay,’ because I had a really cute text from Artem and he sang to me, which was really sweet.”

She continued, “And then we wine tasted all day and then when we got back at like 6:30 p.m., I came in and the flowers are there.”

And not just any flowers, but “the biggest basket of roses,” Nikki said.

Added Brie, “37, I have to say, this year’s started off right.”

Throughout the podcast, the twins continued to recap their birthday, in addition to interviewing their sister-in-law Lauren Garcia. Yes, the same Lauren who Nikki, on the latest episode of Total Bellas, said she “couldn’t even look at.”

At the time, Nikki was reflecting on a fight she had with her brother JJ Garcia over politics. However, she made it clear on the podcast that she didn’t mean to involve Lauren. “I didn’t mean to say it but this is what happens in reality TV,” Nikki explained. “I was like, ‘I’m just so disgusted with JJ and Lauren,’ but I really meant my brother…I don’t know how it came out both. Like, I really don’t, to tell you the truth.”

Nikki and Lauren briefly discussed the matter, but because Lauren’s “personal preference” is to not “talk politics,” they quickly moved on. Plus, as Nikki revealed, “My brother and I have made up. At times I still think he’s a little punk and I always will.”